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Life+ Benefits


Six prescriptions per year

Saves time and effort when ordering your repeat prescription.

Personal health challenges

Two health challenges

Bespoke supported (Nurse) online health tracker to assist you in your physical health goals.

Dr Appointments

Up to 3 appointments per year

Enjoy timely access to skilled, approachable and professional doctors.

Follow up Health Screen

1 appointment per year

The reassurance of good health can empower you to make positive lifestyle changes

Travel consultation

1 appointment per year

Vaccination plan for a single or multi-destination trip.

‘It was a pleasure to work with the Occupational Health Nurse and I look forward to working with NPH again soon. Thanks to all the team for an excellent service.’

Be a healthier, happier you…

We believe we can help you to be the best version of yourself through personal knowledge, understanding, and support. We know the value and purpose of health and wellbeing, and have a passion to do what is right for our clients through innovative health care and supportive systems, people and partners.

NPH Life embraces an honest and open approach to healthcare. We make opportunities for your health to be realised, through personal insights, education, guidance, and bespoke rewarding challenges. Ultimately we want to help you live the health life you want. We do this based on the best evidence and guidelines and we don’t compromise time at the expense of quality.

We help you move forward by working as a team to support you on your personal journey. We believe in a happier, healthier and more productive society, with individuals, and families being informed and empowered to make better health choices. By providing a complete view of your health needs, we can work with you to develop plans and sustainable habits for your future well-being.

We always encourage positive behaviours, with timely direction and guidance. We see health as the most important part of personal fulfilment and wellness as the habit of a lifetime. We will work together with you on your journey to better health and help you navigate your way there.

How will you benefit from NPH Life?

  • Access to discounted services
  • Prescriptions
  • Personal Health challenges
  • Initial Health Screening
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Follow up Health Screen
  • Travel Consultation
  • Flu Vaccination per year

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Covid-19 Testing at Newcastle Airport

If you are traveling abroad, some countries now require a negative Covid-19 swab test and certificate to prove that you do not have the virus prior to traveling. NPH Group is working in collaboration with Newcastle Airport and MDNA Life Sciences to provide convenient, efficient, and cost-effective pre-departure Covid-19 tests for passengers who require them.

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