More than a Private GP

More than a Private GP

As reported by Sky news; almost two million patients have been struck by the closure of GP practices. Many of which are now considering the benefits of registering with a Private GP practice.

One of the first things that comes to someone’s mind when they hear the term Private GP is why would they pay for something that they can access through the NHS? Whilst that is a valid question there are many benefits to accessing our Health & Wellbeing services.

We hope that the following post helps you see the true value and unique offering of a fully equipped Health & Wellbeing service compared that of a Private GP or the NHS.

The difference between a Private GP and the NHS

First of all, what is a GP? GP stands for General Practitioner and they are a medical professional who manages acute and chronic illnesses while providing preventive care and health education to their patients. They are generally the first port of call for when the public feels like they need to see a medical professional. You will have a GP already through the NHS and you will most likely know who they are.

You might be wondering if there is a difference between accessing a GP privately or through the NHS. The only real difference is in the delivery of the service. For example, there is usually a waiting time for a appointment in the NHS. Whereas accessing a service privately you could get a appointment as early as tomorrow.

Some see Private GPs as supporting the NHS. They are doing this by accepting patients from some local NHS services under pressure to lower waiting times and to improve access to care. Some patients are willing to pay a fee if it means that they can avoid a waiting list.

Helping you achieve mental and physical wellbeing

So how do we differ from the other Private GP companies? Here at NPH we pride ourselves on the continuity of care and aim to build positive and trusting relationships between the patient and their GP. With longer appointment times, the GP can take time to understand your health concerns and goals – offering treatment and/or health plans to help you achieve your physical and mental wellbeing goals.

Introducing NPH Life

Does this sound too good to be true? NPH Life is a subscription-based service that provides premium features such as allowing the client to enjoy timely access to skilled, approachable and professional GPs. But that’s not all; NPH Life also offers services such as health screenings, travel consolations and easy repeat prescriptions. All for the low price of £29.50 a month.

NPH Life will be launching later this year, you can now sign up for more information at

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