The view from the top is beautiful

The view from the top is beautiful

Most people will know the benefits of exercise and how it can assist with losing weight, reduce the risk of long-term disease, improve mental health and a general feeling of wellbeing. We all also know that we need to do around 30 minutes of steady exercise 4-5 times a week to really feel the benefits of exercise although we know that every little helps.

So why don’t more people make the choice to incorporate regular exercise into their daily or weekly routine?

Here at NPH Life, we are starting out to help understand the real barriers to making exercise a fun and enjoyable part of daily living and we want to hear from you and understand your experiences of what gets in the way, both at home and at work. We believe that with better understanding, personal insights, support structures and a life plan we can help you find a way to get going and establishing exercise into your life; you will feel so much better for doing it.

We know that getting started and staying the course is a real challenge and for many people it can feel like a mountain to climb with no idea which path to take. Mountains can be a thing of beauty and can be seen from many different angles with vistas is many different directions. The problem is not the mountain but how we choose to see it. We want everyone to benefit from a beautiful exercise vista and feel the benefits of doing something. However small, we want you to appreciate the feel-good factor from raising your energy levels, raising your metabolism, sleeping better and thriving on the feel-good factor from all those endorphins which flood your system with even a smallest amount of effort.

Some of you may be seasoned exercisers or even athletes, others may have done little or no exercise for many years. Whatever your current situation, we would encourage you to take even five minutes to ask yourself this question… what can I do differently in 2019 to improve what I do to get more exercise or to exercise better?

Think about something that is achievable for you and set your mind on a long-term intention and get there by achieving daily goals. Focus on the day to day and the intention will just happen. Make that commitment to yourself, share your intention with friends and family, and never lose sight of where you want to be.

The view from the top will be beautiful. We would love to hear your personal stories and find out how you intend to climb your mountain.

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