Cholera (2 doses)


Cholera is a water-borne infection, commonly found in the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia. Cholera causes severe diarrhoea, dehydration and can potentially cause serious illness if medical treatment is not available. Cholera vaccine is taken orally as a liquid and is recommended for individuals travelling to areas with widespread cholera or where a recent outbreak has been reported.

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Cholera (2 doses - £29.00 per dose) £58.00

Cholera Vaccination

For vaccination, adults and children aged over 6 years are administered two doses of oral vaccine with an interval of between one and six weeks separating the doses. Cholera vaccine contains inactivated bacteria (i.e. they are not live) given as a liquid to drink. Food and other drink should be avoided one hour before and one hour after taking the oral vaccine. The vaccine can be given at the same time as other injected vaccines.

Children aged 2-6 years usually require three doses of the vaccine with an interval of one to six weeks between doses. If more than six weeks elapse between doses then the entire course must be restarted to ensure sufficient immunity is acquired.

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Continuous Protection

For continuous protection a booster dose of oral Cholera vaccine is recommended. For adults and children aged over 6 years a single booster dose up to two years after the original course is sufficient. If more than two years has elapsed between vaccinations the entire course should be repeated.

Children aged 2 to 6 years of age usually require a single booster dose 6 months after the initial vaccination course.

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