Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine

With the winter rapidly approaching, now is the time to get this season’s flu vaccination at Newcastle Premier Health. Flu is extremely contagious and brings misery to millions of people in the UK each year, as well as being the cause of billions of pounds worth of lost productivity at work. The flu virus can be contracted from coming into contact with contaminated surfaces or by breathing in airborne droplets when people sneeze or cough. Having a flu vaccination will help safeguard you against flu and reduce the risk of infection among friends and family.

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Flu Vaccine £11.85

How We Can Help

Newcastle Premier Health offer a range of vaccinations needed to prevent diseases that can affect people of all ages, including the seasonal flu vaccination. The vaccination and consultation takes only 15 minutes and has very few side effects.

A Fast and Efficient Vaccination

You can reduce your risk of catching all of the known types of flu by having a flu vaccination this winter. Flu can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender, but young and elderly people are especially at risk. A flu vaccination not only immunises you against flu, but also stops you becoming a vector for the disease, spreading it on to others.

Symptoms of flu are similar to those of the common cold but last longer and have a greater severity. In elderly people or those with reduced immune systems, some strains of flu can lead to complications and even death. The vaccine takes 2-3 weeks to take effect, so book now to ensure you’re covered.

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