Hepatitis A & Typhoid (combined)

Hepatitis A & Typhoid (Combined)

A combined vaccine against both Hep A and Typhoid is available for travellers aged 16 years and over. The combined Hep A and Typhoid vaccine provides protection against Hep A infection for up to 12 months and typhoid for up to 3 years.

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Hepatitis A & Typhoid (combined) £89.00

About The Hepatitis A & Typhoid – Combined Vaccine

A single dose of the combined vaccine is usually given two weeks before travel, to allow adequate protection to develop prior to departure. A booster dose of Hep A can be given 6-12 months after this vaccine to provide lasting immunity against Hep A for up to 20 years. Further doses of typhoid vaccine are needed every 3 years to give lasting immunity.

Children require single doses of the relevant vaccines because the combined vaccine is not licensed for adults under 15 years old.

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