Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A (Hep A) is a viral infection of the liver. Hep A is present in nearly all countries around the world, but is most prevalent in Africa, India and areas of South America. Hep A infection causes acute symptoms including nausea, fever, diarrhoea, muscle and joint pains, and infection commonly results in jaundice where the skin and eyes appear yellow.

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Hepatitis A (adult) £55.00
Hepatitis A (junior) £55.00

About The Hepatitis A Vaccine

Vaccination against Hepatitis A is recommended for the majority of travellers overseas, particularly if you are planning to travel to and within a country where there may be poor sanitation and contaminated water supply.

Hep A vaccine is administered as an injection of inactivated virus, which gives best protection if it is received 2 to 4 weeks before departure. A single Hep A vaccine is likely to provide protection for a year after the first dose. For more lasting immunity, a booster dose should be given 6-12 months following the initial dose. This usually provides protection from Hep A virus for up to 25 years.

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Newcastle Premier Health are a leading specialist in Hepatitis vaccinations. We have a variety of preventive vaccinations for people of all ages in the North East Area and we are proud to add our range of Hepatitis vaccination to that list.

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Hepatitis A Vaccine for Children

The junior Hep A vaccine is similarly administered 2 to 4 weeks before travelling. A single dose of the junior vaccine provides protection for at least a year after the first dose. A booster dose given 6-12 months after the first dose usually provides protection for up to 25 years.

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