Hepatitis A&B

Hepatitis A & B

A combined vaccine containing inactivated Hepatitis A and B virus is available for travellers or individuals who wish to have both vaccines at the same time. The combined Hep A&B vaccine provides immunity against hepatitis A for 25 years and hepatitis B for 5 years.

Description Prices
Hepatitis A & B (adult) £75.00
Hepatitis A & B (junior) £66.00

About The Hepatitis A & B Vaccine

Hep A&B combined vaccine is given as a course of three injections using the same schedule as that required for Hep B vaccination i.e. Day 0, Day 28 and 6 months. Incomplete or delayed vaccination is unlikely to guarantee immunity. A rapid schedule of vaccination can be used in certain circumstances where there is insufficient time to undertake a full course, however this is only licensed for adults over 18 years of age in UK.

A ‘booster’ injection can be given 5 years after the initial course, to provide continued immunity against both viruses. Alternatively, booster vaccines can be given separately; hepatitis B after 5 years and hepatitis A after 10 years.

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