Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B (Hep B) is a viral infection of the liver that usually results in flu-like symptoms, nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting, tiredness and jaundice (yellow discolouration of the skin and eyes). In severe cases and susceptible individuals Hep B may lead to liver damage, and there is a recognised association between long term Hep B infection and liver cancer.

Hep B is passed through contact with body fluids from an infected person, or from administration of blood or blood products that are contaminated. Amongst travellers Hep B can be acquired through unprotected sexual intercourse. The risk of contracting Hep B is greatest for travellers to Asia, Africa, the Middle East and parts of southern Europe.

Description Prices
Hepatitis B (adult) £45.00
Hepatitis B (junior) £43.00
Hepatitis B - Immunity Blood Test £49.00

Recommendations & Requirements for The Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hep B vaccination is recommended for all health workers, those who work with biological products or human materials, and anyone who may be at increased risk of infection from their occupation or lifestyle.

To achieve immunity against Hep B usually requires three vaccinations given at intervals over a six month period. For long-term immunity the recommended schedule requires dosing at Day 0, Day 28 and 6 months. Incomplete or delayed vaccination is unlikely to guarantee immunity. A rapid schedule of vaccination can be used in certain circumstances where there is insufficient time to undertake a full course.

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Newcastle Premier Health are a leading specialist in Hepatitis vaccinations. We have a variety of preventive vaccinations for people of all ages in the North East Area and we are proud to add the Hepatitis B vaccination to that list.

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Immunity Checks

The level of your immunity can be checked with a blood test. This indicates your body’s response to the vaccine, helping to guide the doctor or nurse concerning whether your initial course of vaccines has been effective and/or whether a booster dose is likely to be necessary. Hepatitis B vaccine can be administered to individuals of all ages, and the duration of protection expected once full immunity is achieved is at least 20 years.

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