Typhoid is a bacterial infection that is usually acquired through eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. Typhoid is prevalent in Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East and India, and causes a range of symptoms including a high fever, abdominal pain, constipation, headache, general weakness and a specific rash known as ‘rose spots’. Vaccination against typhoid is available, and should be administered at least a week before travel to a risk area.

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Children and younger adults are thought to be most at risk of developing typhoid fever, perhaps because in these individuals their immune system is still developing. Typhoid fever is uncommon in England, with around 350 cases occurring each year mostly in travellers returning from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

The vaccination is usually given as a single injection of an inactive component of the typhoid bacterium (it is not a live vaccine) at least 7 days before travel. This results in effective immunity for up to three years, but immunity wanes over time and a booster dose is needed every 3 years if continual protection against typhoid is required. Typhoid vaccine is not licensed for children under 2 years old; in this age group careful hygiene and selection of food/drinking water is recommended to reduce the risk of infection whilst travelling.

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Typhoid Vaccine

A live oral typhoid vaccine (Vivotif) is available. This comes in the form of capsules containing living but weakened typhoid bacteria. Immunisation using the oral vaccine requires three doses taken 1 hour before food on days 1, 3 and 5 at least one week before travel. The oral vaccine does provide immunity for up to three years, although studies indicate that the level of protection may be less than with the single injectable form of the typhoid vaccine.

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