Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is an acute viral infection that is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. The disease occurs in tropical Africa and South America but it has never been reported in Asia despite the presence of the mosquito vector in those countries. Yellow fever infection can occur in urban and rural areas, with the viral reservoir being both human beings and/or infected animals (mostly monkeys) depending upon the geographical location.

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Treatment for Travellers

There is no specific treatment for yellow fever, and infection is prevented by taking steps to avoid bites from mosquitoes and vaccination against the yellow fever virus prior to exposure. Yellow fever is a live vaccine that is given by a single intramuscular injection to adults and children over 9 months of age. Vaccination is not recommended for pregnant ladies, although if the risk of yellow fever is high immunisation may be recommended in the last trimester of pregnancy. Vaccination is recommended for breast feeding mothers where there is a genuine risk of infection to the mother.

The vaccine is given prior to departure to the risk area, and a period of 10 days is recommended to enable sufficient immunity to develop. A single vaccine may confer life-long immunity, but at present booster doses are recommended every 10 years to ensure lasting protection. Some countries require an International Certificate of Vaccination before the border officials will allow entry into the country.

How We Can Help

Newcastle Premier Health offers a range of preventive vaccinations for many diseases, and are now the region’s leading specialist in Yellow Fever vaccinations, to keep one’s self protected travellers are recommended to take preventive vaccinations before their travels.

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Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow fever is the only disease which routinely requires proof of immunisation, and you will be provided with a yellow booklet that confirms the details of your vaccination at the Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre where you receive your injection. Newcastle Premier Health is a UK Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and is able to provide the necessary certificate at the time you attend for your vaccination.

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